45 Major FAIL Logo Designs: Stop Jeopardizing Your Brand!

One of the most notable value and advantage of having your very own customized business logo designed is the marketing benefits you’ll surely reap from it. Logos help you in your marketing efforts without you even realizing it. Logos consists of emblems, images, texts, or patterns. Experts believed that the mind can easily register these visuals as opposed to mere words or sentences. If customers or clients are able to recognize your logo, eventually, they will remember your business just because of the logo that you have.

Just by seeing a logo, you’ll be able to envision exactly what the product is. In a way, logos bridge the gap between your business and the prospective customer. Your logo will ensure your product or service is sold even if you are not there.

With these things in mind, you should take careful consideration of the aforesaid things when having your logo designed, do not make the same blunders these people did with their respective businesses (ranked in the order of their irrelevance :) ) –

45. Salon and Spa

No one may attempt to have their hair done by this salon if their logo looks like this, would you even dare?

44. Software Technologies

I am not so sure what this company is doing. The DNA-looking icons do not mesh well with the concept, sad to say.

43. Coffee Shop

Is this a coffee shop or a church? Sorry, but the sign says otherwise, I think?

42. Photography Services

One good example why logos should be made in a way that it should do its work of representing and selling out your brand. Otherwise, you will get zero customers!

41.  Spa

A spa ought to make you relax and look rejuvenated and not turn you into some ‘Transformers’ autobot, agree?

40. Dental Clinic

Toothache? I think this logo brings more of a headache rather than cure a toothache, what do you think?

39. School of Music

The logo bespeaks of the kind of music education you’ll get.

38. Cyrenian House

I am not so sure what this office is, but sure looks scary to me, are there zombies in there?

37. Pool Service Company

Why would a pool service company put up a very sad frog logo like this? What were they thinking exactly?

36. Victim Services Unit

Hmmn, I think this logo needs some careful thinking and creativity to pull up a decent-looking logo that will best represent their service. Don’t you think?

35. Foundation

I don’t think the kid, and the odd-looking letter ‘k,’ plus the cookie, -   jive well all together?

34. Brewing Company

Feels like you are drinking some beer brewed off of crocs with this logo, don’t you guys think?

33. Pest Control

The cobra looks like more of a worm and not a king cobra, I guess.

32. Pizza

I can taste patriotism in this pizza, but not so inviting for customers looking for a delectable and delicious thin crust pizza!

31. Club

Does this look like a fallopian tube or what? :)

30. Fire Sprinkler

No offense but did a kid created this logo? If yes, wow! If not, too bad!

29. Images Salon

I can’t imagine what would a person look like upon finishing a salon session from here? Scary? Hope not!

28. Pool Doctor

Ah, Pool doctor yes, literally?!

27. Anthony Byrne Office

This logo looks like a replica of the male genitalia, won’t you agree with me?

26. Queensland Government

Not sure where is this logo used and what branch of government it represents, but it sure looks pretty lame, right?

25. Non-Profit Organization

This logo seem to be sending a wrong message to me, what do you guys think?

24. Dining

A dining logo can in some cases show plates and utensils, or a delectable image of the house specialty, unlike this one which suggest a different thing – which is very far from the concept of dining. Guys would surely agree!

23. Children’s Clinic

I am not so sure what to think of every time I see this logo. What are you thinking?

22. London Olympics

This logo is not very reflective of the spirit of the Olympics, much so of the camaraderie and passion of the game.

21. Satellite Services

Uh-oh, the logo looks like the satellite had one bad hard-on. Oops!

20. Another Satellite Services

Does this connect to Satan in hell, by chance?

19. Juice Drink

Parents won’t love this for sure. Are the fruits doing what I think they’re doing? Tell me?!

18. Candy

This ad sure brings trouble!

17. Car Parts Store

The logo appears weird, won’t you agree with me?

16. Young Alarm

Can you spot the not? This ad is soo alarming!

15. Government Office

Not sure exactly what office logo would have it this way?

14. Bureau of Health

Am I seeing this logo right?

13. Pizza

Why does this pizza logo look different to me?

12. Retail Store

The store says MegaFlicks, and not how your dirty mind is reading it. LOL.

11. Day Care Center

This ought to be ‘Kids Exchange’ and not ‘KIDSEXCHANGE,’ unlike what you see from the neon lighted signage.

10. Junior Jazz Dance Class

Are these stick figures dancing? Or I am I seeing a lady’s bosom? Which is which?

9. Cat Wear

This logo is not tastefully done for a fine clothing line for women. Don’t you think?

8. Locum

Another fail logo implying a different message at first glance.

7. Pharmacy

Why do I see ‘sodomy’ instead of a pharmacy in here? Can someone explain this to me? :)

6.  Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

This logo can mean a different thing, don’t you guys agree?

5. Chinese Restaurant

I don’t want to suggest anything, but you can clearly see from the logo what I mean. That’s very self-explanatory for all of you guys!

4. Dental Clinic

What do you think doesn’t look right with this logo?

3. Pediatric Clinic

Is this a pediatric clinic, or a pedophile doing a despicable thing to a kid? What do you think?

2. Computer Doctor

The mouse looks odd from this logo. Are they seeing what we are seeing from here?

1. A-Style Logo

Landing on number one spot is a fail logo that suggests an entirely different thing. Too bad, the company still utilizes the exact same logo to date.

The core definition and purpose of logo is to identify. By way of using images, emblems, marks, and or symbols, a logo can identify a company, service, or product in the most straightforward manner. To put it succintly, your logo should connect with the brand it represents.

As you can see from these samples, these logos are in no way reflective of the businesses that they represent, hence, no brand recognition or brand awareness can be achieved out of it. A logo to be effective should be synonymous and reflective of the brand it is promoting, otherwise, it’s a major FAIL, and defeats its purpose.


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  2. some people really have to think through their designs…

  3. The Cyrenian House logo isn’t too bad. To me, it says that the company pulls people out of the boxes they enclosed themselves in, and the company makes them take a leap of faith or fly or something. :D The other ones with a sexual connotation, though, you’re right about those. :D

  4. thanx for posting this informative post. It made a laugh to some funny logos …nice one! =)

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